Why Are Investors Investing in Alternatives Like Containers?

ask a questionOver the last several years, many of the nation’s fundamental investments, such as gold, real estate, and stocks; have consistently disappointed the investment community. And as you would expect, because investors are losing their money, they are losing their confidence too! When this begins to happen, discouraged investors seek dependable alternatives.

Aside from peer-lending and precious gemstones, one such alternative that I have seen grow increasingly popular in the last few years, is shipping container investments. It is my understanding that, using the business model established by industry leaders like Textainer and Gulftainer, investors profit from the revenue received from the lease of shipping containers; to worldwide manufacturers and shipping companies. Obviously private investors do not negotiate container leasing agreements for themselves. Established through contractual agreements, this becomes the responsibility of a container leasing company.

Throughout the world there are a number of well-established companies that operate an independent fleet of shipping containers, within in the global container shipping industry. These companies offer a business opportunity whereby private investors invest in shipping containers and add them to an existing and fully-operational fleet. In doing so, the containers generate revenues from established shipping agreements and container investors profit from economic growth around the world.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this alternative investing opportunity is the fact that the demand for shipping containers is not influenced by the performance of stocks, bonds, real estate or gold, and thus presents less of an investment risk for investors. As you can imagine, after more than half a decade of volatility and disappointment, the investment community is eager to review container investing and other alternative investments; if it means they will be more confident about their portfolio and sleep better at night. If for no other reason, this is why (in my opinion) more and more people are investing in the alternatives, like shipping containers and other income generating assets; instead of risking their money in volatile markets.

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