Unhappy and Confused Investors Seek Alternative Investments

make a choice about your investmentsOver the course of the last half of a decade, members of the investment community have had to reassess their approach to investing and re-evaluate their options, and strategies. Much of their uncertainty can be attributed to the poor performances demonstrated by traditional investment pillars, like stock markets, bonds, real estate, currency and even some commodities like gold. And, because many of these common investments comprised the very foundation of countless investors’ portfolios and were strongly influenced by the worldwide economic uncertainty brought on by the global financial crisis, heavy losses were experienced by an unfathomable number of international investors. This sullen fact has become more and more evident as an increasing number of disappointing investment returns, continue to be experienced all over the globe.

The repeated disappointment, regret and loss has inspired investment-seekers to research and uncover new opportunities to invest, that are widely considered much more investor-friendly because of their reputation for being more transparent and also for their eagerness to follow through on their commitment to investors, not only by building long-term relationships with the investment community but by producing consistent results. This is seen as a welcome change from the impersonal interactions that are synonymous with brokerage firms and investment brokers. Nowadays, savvy private investors are seeking more control over the decisions that affect their hard-earned money and this prerequisite is being strongly reflected in the steady migration from traditional investments, to more rewarding alternative options and lucrative business opportunities.

Over the last several years that have followed the Global Financial Crisis, alternative investment opportunities have demonstrated their resilience in international markets as well as their ability to produce profitable results and returns, despite the economic hardships being experienced in many parts of the world. In fact, many of them have come about as a result of the steady growth in emerging markets like South Africa and UAE and the increasing demands they are placing on the international shipping industry and world markets. This long-term track record of successes and prosperity has provided viable alternatives for confused investors and instilled the confidence in them to reinvest in their future, reinvest in the global economy and to continue building their own personal wealth, despite the harsh disappointments of the past.

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