There Are No Smart Investments, Only Smart Investors

a quote about smart investmentsA friend recently asked me to define for them what I considered to be a smart investment. The answer is a simple one: an investment that consistently makes me (at least) the money that I¬†projected it would. Let me continue by saying that I don’t believe that there is such a thing as smart investments; only smart investors who made smart investment decisions. So the notion that I could simply look at an investing opportunity and say “hey, that’s a smart investment;” is an impossibility.

That is not to say there are not really appealing investments with great returns out there, but when you make an investment, you should have the confidence in what you are doing; given the information you have collected. There are many stories of people who have lost a lot of money through poor investment practices. In an overwhelming number of instances, these tend to be investors who did not conduct proper research prior to investing. Many people just want to see the highest return possible and get blinded by the thought of a quick, high return. Sadly, this occurs more often than you would think.

There is no such thing as smart investments; only smart investors who made smart investment decisions.

For an opportunity to be considered a smart choice, you should have a satisfactory amount of background information on payouts, as well as a profile of the company/broker in question. You must set the record straight. Dig endlessly through the Internet to find trusted, knowledgeable resources and industry news websites that are well-established and credible. Find investors’ testimonials and reviews and then reach out to those you can contact and seek answers to your investing questions. The goal is to become confident in 1) the investment, 2) the provider/broker, and 3) the opportunity’s potential.

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