Sharing of Misinformation Creates Confusion For Investors

There is a lot of misinformation to be found on the Internet. Some of these pieces of information are contradictory, opinion pieces taken as fact, or straight out fake news. This can create confusion for investors, particularly when it comes time to reviewing investing opportunities and choosing investments.

When investment-seekers are researching their investment options, blogs, forums, communities, and reviews play an important role in their decision-making process. Many rely greatly upon the experience of other, more affluent investors to address their concerns, and answer their investing questions. This creates problems when the information they are consuming has been manufactured with the intention of influencing readers toward self-serving web properties and investment opportunities. Obviously, the people authoring the misinformation are not concerned with conveying the truth to the audience. They appear to have their own agenda.

I recently came across a blog post written about Davenport Laroche that had me questioning the motives of the writer. The thing that troubled me most was that the author made wild assertions without providing any definitive proof for the audience. For myself, I enjoy consuming content that challenges my way of thinking and forces me to view opportunities from another perspective. However, this piece seemed to be a “witch hunt” written to cast doubt on investing in shipping containers with Davenport Laroche.

The investment community places a great deal of value on the opinion of their fellow investors. Therefore, when confronted by a bias or self-serving article, post or statement, there is a feeling of immense disappointment. Albeit the intentional sharing of misinformation has become a widespread problem in both traditional and digital media, those who perpetuate it – particularly for their own personal and/or financial gain – should have the value of their contributions significantly discounted, and also be avoided whenever and wherever possible.

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