Is it a Scam? My Experience With Pacific Tycoon & Investing

pacific tycoon logoAfter nearly a year of dealing with the representatives from Pacific Tycoon, I feel it is time to set the investment community’s concerns to rest and respond to the question “is it a scam?” Let me begin by saying that in my opinion and experience with the company, Pacific Tycoon is not a scam and shipping container investments are a profitable, low-risk method of improving a financial portfolio; especially in difficult financial times.

If you are an investor who is seeking a simple investment that is easy to understand and guards against inflation and other economic hardships (like a recession), then take a moment to consider what I have to say before you discount shipping container investing, or even the company in question. In contrast to other offerings in the market, both this company and this investing option have proven to provide consistent investment returns to an increasing number of investors, business partners and container owners, all over the globe. And, for the last year I have been one of them.

In February of 2012, a representative from Pacific Tycoon contacted me with a lucrative business opportunity, that at first glance appeared unrealistic, and cause for alarm. Guided by my suspicions, I researched further in to both Pacific Tycoon and the shipping industry, to help me determine if it is a scam or not; and to firmly establish whether I should proceed with my investment. After searching through pages and pages of wikis, forums and other digital content, I found nothing that would draw any red flags or directly imply that Pacific Tycoon is a scam, or even that the shipping container industry could be described by anything but “booming.”

Albeit  there were many “tire-kicker” investors that made their “arm-chair analyst” predictions and freely shared their opinion, but nobody who openly charged that they were the victim of a shipping container scam. In fact, quite the contrary. Instead I found numerous forum and blog posts from investors, who were openly sharing their investing experience with Pacific Tycoon, and it was all good! No mention of a scam, fraud or any such related problems.

Aside from Pacific Tycoon investor testimonials and the industry news/information posted by the company, there was little else to provide evidence that what they were claiming was fact, and not fiction. All I can say is that no matter how hard I tried, I could not find any definitive information that could contradict Pacific Tycoon’s claims of above average returns and steady profits, earned from investing in shipping containers.

What I did discover during my extensive research, was a good opportunity to invest and a company that makes a strong commitment to investors, that (in my personal experience) is reinforced by consistent monthly payments and industry leading customer service.

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  1. I agree with both of you. Each time I have spoken with the company representatives they have been very professional. When I had questions early on in my research, the staff at Pacific Tycoon were very helpful. I have never once regretted my decision. Cheers to both of you.

    • Very interesting after alot of research being “cautious” in the ways of investing I have not found anyone losing out on Pacific Tycoon and the internet being such a wide place for discussion this specific investment opportunity has really caught my attention, however the internet is not always honest and who do we really know who is on the other end of these posts and what are their intentions.
      Furthermore if anyone is in Perth, Western Australia that I could sit down and have a face to face with about this potentially viable source of income it would be great if you could get back to me and ill put on the dinner/drinks/coffee.

      • Hi Oliver,

        I’m Luana from Perth and stumbled across your comment as i am looking for a fairly secure investment opportunity. I have emailed PT making initial enquiries.

        Given that you are based in Perth – I would like to know your thoughts on this investment strategy.

        Thanks and regards, Luana

      • Hi Luana & Oliver,

        I’m also in Perth, I was sceptical at first, so purchased ONE container in August 2012, the only thing I can chip them for was some spelling mistakes on my details.

        Other than that I receive income statements every month, for that lone container, as I only have the one container I receive payment every quarter.

        Thus far since 2012, payment’s have been arriving on time, and statement’s as regular as clockwork.

        I have seen some “bad press” for PT, most notably a facebook page. After contacting PT for clarification, they advised it was created by a disgruntled former employee, and hasn’t been updated since November last year, yet business rolls on still. As it is in the public domain, look up “Ted Mallory” on facebook and check it for yourself.

        As for any “legitimate” bad press, I haven’t seen any from “reputable” sources, only some bad press trolls, such as the “ripoff report” whose one man show has been exposed as an extortion scam.

        AMF France (Financial regulators) issued a warning in 2012 to not invest with PT as they were “not authorised to propose investments in miscellaneous assets, and in the same breath they state they have not actually looked at PT’s investor contract’s, Scandinavia (I think) also issued similar advice solely based on AMF’s warning.

        All in all, I have income coming in when it is meant to, and have not heard of a single complaint from actual PT clients, hope that helps.

  2. Thank you Sameer for sharing your experience too.

    I certainly appreciate the relationship that I have established with the staff at Pacific Tycoon. As you said, all payments are on time and it is a great opportunity. Rare in this economic environment.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to comment. HOWEVER, it seems you are flogging a dead horse. You are raising issues from over a year ago! To my knowledge these have all been addressed.

    Let me review:

    To my knowledge, Tom Winnifrith is partnered with one of the other shipping container investment firms. He receives a royalty when he encourages others to leave Pacific Tycoon’s investing option in favor of his partner’s. Don’t believe me? Ask Tom what container investment/leasing company he recommends. I did and he suggested a competitor. In his mind, shipping container investments are not a scam, just Pacific Tycoon. Laughable.

    AND, speaking of scams, didn’t Tom Winnifrith LOSE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS that investors had placed in his trust? Why YES, YES HE DID!

    “Peter Webb, the former star smaller companies investor, has made a surprise return to fund management after replacing share tipster Tom Winnifrith on two funds owned by online stockbroker The Share Centre … Their recent experience under Winnifrith has been painful, with the £12 million T1PS Smaller Companies Growth fund and the £16 million T1PS Smaller Companies Gold fund both at the bottom of their sectors, with respective LOSSES OF 45% AND 44% in the year to March (2012).”-

    As well, “Prior to Webb taking over, the funds were run by T1ps Investment Management’s Tom Winnifrith, and suffered extreme underperformance in his last year.”-

    Not sure how much credit I would give to anything Tom Winnifrith says or recommends.

    As for the concerns you raised about New Calidonia … OLD NEWS! The company received this warning because they did not pay an enormous fee to the bureaucrats before advertising their opportunity. Read the warning! It says they are not authorized to peddle their opportunities there. It does not say that anyone has been ripped off! NO ONE! Shheeesh!

    As for the lease rates … these are established between Pacific Tycoon and their shipping clients. For example, did you know that container lease rates in Hawaii are between $7000-$9000 Even if they were as low as $2100 (in North America), that is still $250+ a month at 12% PER CONTAINER. This figure is in line with what every other investor I have spoken to is receiving

    Once again, thank you for your comments Ian, but I do not see how you can assert yourself as an expert in this matter. Quite frankly, anyone who would spend that much time writing a post comment (who wasn’t a recognized industry expert), would seem to have a personal vendetta against Pacific Tycoon or are simply on a witch-hunt. The fact of the matter is, we are all receiving our money EVERY MONTH, ON TIME! I wonder if Tom Winnifrith’s investors who lost 45% and 44% in March 2012 can say the same. I doubt it.

  4. Hello Josef. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    It is my understanding that if you purchase only one shipping container to add to Pacific Tycoon’s fleet, you will receive your returns quarterly (every 3 months: 3 x 4 = 12).

    I hope you find this helpful.

    • Hi oliver
      I am considering to enter this business as well. I am new to investing because of being defrauded scares me. But i am taking a leap of faith that hopefully will pay off. One question. Did u start with the standard 12percent or went for the aggressive 28? I m curious whether its more to by benefit to take it all the way. If its not too personal to ask how much do you think approx money have u made?
      I am asking for your feedback because this is a huge step & i dont want 2 regret it.

  5. Hello Khairil. As I mentioned to Josef above, if you purchase only one shipping container you will receive your returns quarterly, or every 3 months. You can expect to receive 4 payments per year, on the purchase of 1 shipping container.

    Thank you for taking a moment to comment.

  6. I have. Are you considering it? I would recommend doing a search for “Pacific Tycoon reviews and testimonials” if you would like to get more sentiment from the investment community. As well, look into the long-term forecast for container demand and economic growth around the world. This will give you a feel for the industry’s long-term potential.

  7. I am sorry Aaron, I do not know what “article showing the move to bigger containers and a surplus of old ones,” you are speaking of. Where did you submit it? It certainly was not here.

    I have heard about this move to bigger 40 foot high-cube containers. Apparently they provide approximately 13% more space for the same transport price. I can see how that is appealing to businesses who are leasing containers. However, I also read that Textainer has increased its fleet size this year to 3 million TEU and is steadily buying up new and USED shipping containers.

    Nevertheless Aaron, I am not in the shipping container business, I am in the “investing to make myself money” business. What I am saying is, the only shipping containers I am immediately concerned with, are the ones that are making me money right now.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment, and I will keep a watchful eye out for your “article showing the move to bigger containers and a surplus of old ones.”


    • First of all Aaron, thank you for sharing the information. I did not see it in the comments earlier. Perhaps it went directly to spam. I apologize.

      This data speaks to the forecast “growth” of the container industry and puts far too much weight on what Maersk says. Let us not forget that the company [Maersk] has competitors like Textainer that refuse to standstill and are investing millions this year in new and used shipping containers. As well, I read an article the other day that suggested that Maersk Line could lose its title of World’s Largest Container Line to MSC by 2015. It is unlikely that Maersk is eager to tell investors how well their competitors are doing. 😉

      Nevertheless, I am not here to sell shipping containers to you (or anyone else) and I see no need to defend my own decisions to invest. I urge you to contact Pacific Tycoon directly if you require detailed information about how they plan to address your concerns about the projected “1% growth in new containers in 2014.” I cannot (and will not) speak for them.

      Thank you again Aaron, for your informative contribution.

  8. Hello all
    I am a retired international headhunter and know a thing or two about researching companies and boy did I undertake a research on Pacific Tycoon. Guess what I could not find one person who said negative things about the company who had actually invested in them or lost money with them. Like everyone else who has invested in the container industry, I get my check into my bank every month. If this is some kind of scam I am mystified as to how it works and indeed why it is so successful and if it is a scam, surely by now someone would have been shortchanged, reported it and Pacific Tycoon brought to book or are we investors such idiots? As far as I am concerned, until proved otherwise I will continue to invest in containers with Pacific Tycoon.

  9. Hi Oliver

    How long have you been investing with pacific tycoon and how many containers do you have now? Also do you get the money transferred to you in USD? and what country are you investing from?
    Can you suggest any other alternative investments?


  10. Hi Oliver

    I am very interested in investing with Pacific Tycoon and am currently doing my research. I would like to know if you are able to shed some light on the two investment options that they offer. The guaranteed 12% option as well as the more aggressive option. What are the possible risks of taking the more aggressive option?

    Thank you


  11. Hi Oliver,

    Have you seen this report by Ripoff Report?

    Do you have any comments on it and whether it is legit. The written English seems grammatically incorrect at times but not sure of its legitimacy. I would appreciate your opinion, thanks.


  12. Hi Oliver,
    Happy ro have stumbled over your site. This was in the wake of stumbling over pacific tycoon first and then looking for the obvious scam info. Am quite positive so far, just wondering if you ever explored the piossibility to buy containsers cheaper elsewhere or perhaps second hand and THEN enrrusting them to PT for management?
    I am wondering about one other thing. Is there any other expense that gets charged to your account that has not been made obvious on the PT website? I am thinking of admin fees, insurance kr storage and handling fees etc. Endless possibilities here…
    Lastly, do you have any idea why they dont buy the containsers themselves to rent out at such good profit rates? Would that not be more profitable for them? Why do they need us?
    Thanks for sharing your experiences on this exciting and tangible alternative investment option.
    Take care, joerg

  13. Thinking of investment, one question.
    What happens to container at end of its life cycle? How long would you estimate exiting or would selling and reinvesting in New containers be standard practice?

  14. Oliver,

    Thanks for your efforts and the information.

    Simple is best and that sounds what this investment is. It pays cash at regular intervals though the first is the longest.

    With banks now able to dip into my savings, chequing, retirement, and stock market accounts to cover their bad bets, how do you define a scam now.

    Your efforts have given me the confidence to investigate this investment option further, thanks.

    If its a scam and I loose my cash, it will not be the first time but at least I am the one making the decision not the, not the Banks or their paid associats the Government.

    Thanks Again,


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