Investors Want Freedom From Wall Street & Washington Influences

investors seek wall street alternativesThe uncertainty that has resulted from the extreme market volatility experienced throughout 2013, has an increasing number of investors feeling apprehensive about the prospects for traditional investment strategies, like investing in stocks, bonds, and precious metals (gold in particular). Because of this, the investment community is seeking more independence to make important decisions that could profoundly affect their financial future. No more will investors be content to sit idle, while their fortunes are being constantly eaten away by an adviser’s fees and poor judgement.

With the pillars of most investors’ portfolios beginning to crack and crumble under the constant weight of the Global Financial Crisis, the investment community is looking for a secret investment that will free them from many of the repeated worries, that are becoming more and more consistent with investing in traditional markets. For a majority of investors, the ideal investment opportunity will be one that can be easily understood and manage independently, without relying heavily upon a financial adviser to make important decisions. In doing so, the investment community will reduce the risks and costs associated with letting other people manage their money. As you can imagine, this notion is becoming increasingly appealing to investment-seekers.

The shift in investors’ thinking has allowed for alternative investment opportunities to move into the spotlight and capture the attention of the international investment community. Nowadays, more and more private investors are reviewing shipping container investments, crowd-funding and other “business” endeavors, because they offer independence from the influences of Wall Street and Washington. I think it is safe to say that the uncertainty demonstrated by the American government in 2014, has exposed the dangers of being too dependent upon a single market, equity and/or asset.

International investors are learning that investments made in appealing emerging markets like China, whose economic growth is expected to be twice that of the United States, are much more likely to return a tidy profit with less associated risk, aggravation and worry. It is new opportunities like this that will renew investor confidence and continue to drive the investment needed to encourage a strong economic recovery around the world.

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