I Say That UAE Investments Will Continue To Pay Dividends

When an investment is made and it pays off as expected in the future, the investor is the big winner. When a country invests in big infrastructure projects to stimulate and grow their economy and it works out as planned, everyone in the country wins. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the huge investments they made into their port and manufacturing base have already benefited the nation’s economy in a major way and has helped re-shape the oil-rich country into a more diversified foundation for the future.

The Khalifa Port Container Terminal in Abu Dhabi, continues to beat expectations and it has only been open since last September. It is projected to surpass it’s intended goal of handing one million shipping containers in it’s first calendar and according to many analysts, the new state-of-the-art port will be the key to building and sustaining the UAE’s growing economy for many years to come. Abu Dhabi is expected to achieve double-digit growth each year into the near future. Some believe, given the nation’s strategic location in the gulf region, coupled with the eastern emerging markets continued economic surge, the UAE is going to be a big winner by capitalising on the opportunities that are expected to unfold in the next few years as the global economy grows to record heights.

As the UAE set out a few years ago to make investments for their economic future, to diversify and grow their economy, they seem to have thought of everything they would need to accomplish the goal and went out and worked to make it happen. Chief executive officer of Abu Dhabi Terminals, Martijn Van de Linde, stated in reference to Khalifa Port, “It lays the foundation for a diverse economy and gives businesses the best possible opportunity to compete in the global market place.” He also mentioned, “Khalifa Port drives down the cost of trade and puts the brakes on inflation by reducing the transportation cost of import items like consumer goods and construction materials. Of course, it also provides an ideal gateway for Abu Dhabi’s fast-growing exports.”

In addition and near the to the new port, the UAE has also built the massive Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi, Kizad, to help in the diversification of their economy and this investment is already paying off as the nation’s non-oil exports is growing at a solid rate. Everyone has an enjoyable investment experience when a nation makes great investments into it’s future and everyone works hard to achieve their common goal. The UAE is going to be a leader in the future global economy and some may even say they are one of the leading players already.

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