Global Economic Growth is Creating Investment Opportunities

2013 forecast GDPWhen you stop to consider global economic growth, you have to think big. With over 200 countries worldwide participating in the worldwide economy, and the number steadily growing, its dynamics have certainly amazed investors and economists; especially over the last few years. To the wonderment of the investment community, the global economy has already doubled in size since (around) the turn of this century and is projected to double again by 2020, and then once more by 2030. Today, the overall value of the global economy is estimated to be well over $80 trillion USD.

The world’s population is growing at a staggering rate, with recent figures estimating more than seven billion people. In the past, many nations such as China, India and Africa have had little to contribute to the growth of the global economy, but analysts are seeing a much different story today. When just considering these regions alone, they represent three prospering nations with over three billion people and it would seem have the most to gain by contributing to the world economy and generating domestic prosperity, to continuously grow their own economies. The current and future potential in each of these markets is enormous, especially with regards to the increasing number of appealing investment and business opportunities, that are becoming available for domestic and foreign investors to capitalize on. This is just what many investors have been doing the last five years or so.

Nowadays, emerging markets, including Brazil, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, are attracting a lot of foreign investment dollars which have helped build and improve ports and infrastructure; needed to establish the solid foundation they need to be competitive in the global economy. With consumer demand increasing at a strong and steady rate around the world, it is important that the major contributors to the global economy are doing what they have to do, to keep the flow of shipping containers moving at an effective and efficient rate.

Since over 90 percent of the world’s consumer goods are delivered by sea, it is important that the shipping industry is one step ahead at all times, to accommodate the ever-changing needs and demands of global consumers. To do so, it has grown it’s shipping container vessels from a size that could carry about 1000 TEUs in the 1960’s, to today’s massive cargo ships that can now transport more than 18,000 TEU’s. At any given moment, there are tens of millions of shipping containers delivering goods to the growing consumer population and it is believed that the number could easily increase to hundreds of millions, in the next ten years. The global economy has never been bigger and more inclusive and analysts believe it will only get bigger and better, as more nations prosper and consumer demand rises as a result. It is a big world and only getting bigger in terms of it’s economic value. In order for investors to profit from the growth and potential, they must take the time to learn about investments before investing and consider all their options (across the globe) before making a commitment or developing their long-term investing strategy.

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