I am a gentleman investor with an often unpopular view on investments. My opinions are not unpopular because they are incorrect. They are unpopular because I often challenge the status quo; I swim against the current. I ask and answer the questions other people are afraid to.

In the past, traditional investments have repeatedly disappointed me. As such, much of my investment portfolio is devoted to alternative investments. Right away, this draws the ire of most investors. But, I believe that they just do not see what I do. Clearly, there has been a break down in communication that has resulted in a lack of understanding.

What I see as an opportunity, others often say is too risky. From my perspective, stocks and bond markets are risky! On the other hand, the options available in the alternative marketplace have proven they can perform well, and deserve an opportunity to be spotlighted. That is the intention of this blog.

My commitment to you is that I will research and report on alternative investment options and the opportunities they present for you now and in the future. Although I am based in the UK, my search covers the globe.

As a disclaimer, the views expressed in my articles are my own, and thus should not be regarded as professional investing advice.